A New Way to Earn Money By Sharing Coupons-Shopper.com Review

Here is the Shopper.com review

Shopper.com is a good platform to earn money for sharing coupons from popular e-commerce like Amazon,flipkart…etc

The company generates an addon named“Shopper.com”. This addon is very useful at the time of purchasing a product.

At the time of checkout, the coupon code is automatically applied to your wallet with one click if the product has a coupon code which is added to shopper.com.

Shopping .com is a great way to save money while shopping and earning money when others are shopping.

4 methods to earn money from shopper.com

earn money
earn money

1. Add coupon codes to shopper.com

You can add any number of valid coupons to shopper.com.You need to collect valid coupon codes from e-commerce website which is added to shopper.com.

You can earn +25 points for each coupon adding, +25 means 0.25 $.

2. Earn money if anyone uses your code at the time of checkout

You can also earn money if anyone uses your coupon code for checkout. You get 0.25@ for each checkout.

3. Add a new store to shopper.com

You can earn money with adding store/e-commerce websites to Shopper.com.They paying +0.10 $ for every store adding.

4. Invite friends to earn money

Another great way to earning money from shopper.com with Invite friends option.

You can earn up to 100 points for every successful invite. Which means you get 1$ if anyone signup using your invite code.

Apart from these 4 methods, New joiners can get +25 points for joining to shopper.com, +25 points for verifying email address,+25 points for adding your first coupon, and +25 points for installing shopper.com extension to your desktop.

I think this is is an amazing opportunity to earn money fast, Register immediately and earn more…

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