Actions Speak Louder Than Words -Meaning, Examples & Story

Why does it say actions speak louder than words and what is it meaning?

I have researched about this quote, and finally, I get a lot of understandings.

And I would like to say my opinion about the quote  “actions speak louder than words” in this article.

Do you think why this article/post coming under the category named Career tips?

Because this quote is more valuable and important for students and young entrepreneurs.

Now I am coming to the point, Just read…!

What actually mean by actions speak louder than words

actions speak louder than words

The simple meaning of actions speak louder than words is to you can trust a person who provides more actions other than saying just simple words.

Now peoples say lots of promises for some purposes, it may or may not be real or genuine.

I am not to say every person with speak more is fake, But I say that peoples with more speech and not willing to do any actions produce worthless.

What do you think?

Read an example:

A person says every time about charity or charity services, But he/she didn’t do any activities for charity. What it’s meaning? What is the value of his/her words? You just think…!

More examples for actions speak louder than words

For Students

Don’t give promises if you don’t make it real. Same like don’t trust too much other with his/her words.’

Engage peoples with providing actions rather than only saying words.

You don’t need to trust any strangers with his/her words. You should keep watching their actions to understand more.

For example, Don’t be trust any job consultancies, they just saying that they offer job placement in MNC companies but most of the promises are worthless.

So give importance to actions rather than some words from strangers.

For Entrepreneurs:

Business success takes too many efforts, dedication, and patience.

If someones want to become a successful entrepreneur but they don’t willing to take efforts, this situation is absolutely worthless and pointing the value of actions speak louder than words.

Here I tell you a funny story about actions speak louder than words

Two friends Tony and John lived in Jakarta in Indonesia. They are neighbors and also studying in the same colleges.

Every time they are eager to say each other about some business ideas to start and other money making ideas.

Tony is a very talkative person and John is medium. They saying and thinking every day about their business plans.

Finally, they find one of the best methods for making money or start a business, which is making money from a youtube channel.

They start to continue their conversation about the youtube channel business.

At this time John going to learning youtube channel business and creating videos for his business rather than just put some conversations with Tony.

But Tony continues his conversation to John about youtube channel business and he not willing to take efforts or creating videos.

After some years, John has uploaded hundreds of video on his youtube channel. And he gets a good number of visitors every day.

John willing to learn more about youtube channel and he connect his channel with Adsense and make lots of money every day.

Meaning of the story

Tony and John are talkative or provides words every day. But Only John is willing to take actions(creating videos and more). And Tony is just limited to only saying just words rather than do any actions.

So, guys, Let’s understand saying words are good if you provide actions. And words without actions are worthless.

This example defines that actions speak louder than words.

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actions speak louder than words

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