Best jobs for IT Freshers:Guide for Beginners

 Hey …Are you searching for the Best jobs in the IT industry or face any difficulty in finding your carrier jobs?

We are happy to help you to provide the best career advice.

First of all, I would like to introduce a few of me,

Myself Mahesh S, I have completed Master degree in computer application and now professionally I am a Software QA engineer. I have faced a lot of problems or difficulty in choosing the best IT career. I have been searched and find lots of IT experts for the best IT career.

According to my research and knowledge from experts, I have provided a Best IT jobs for the best career.

Following are the Best IT jobs for a successful career.


  1. Mobile application development
  2. Software engineer
  3. Automation Engineer
  4. SEO analyst and Content writing jobs
  5. IT security analyst
  6. Web developer
  7. Database administration
  8. Network administration.


  • Mobile Applications Development

The scope and need of the mobile apps are increased rapidly, so the growth of the mobile application developers are increased.

Mobile application developers develop apps for Google’s Android or Apple iOS.Dozens of apps are available in the market store like google play store and App store. Now Mobile applications are trending platform for all businesses.

According to past research, The scope and growth of mobile application developers are increased.

  • Software Engineer:

A software engineer is a good profession for a successful career. The scope and growth are increased rapidly. A software engineer is a person who develops and manage windows or web applications.

First of all, you need to select which technology do you like and go for training If your dream is to become a software engineer.

Top software development technologies include java,, PHP, Angularjs, Python..etc

  • Automation Engineer:

Scope and growth for Automation engineer or software test engineer also increased, because everyone like bug-free products.

Automation engineer or software test engineer finds bugs and quality concerns for software products in order to deliver a good quality product.

A software without proper testing will produce non-quality products or other critical problems like vulnerability, hacking …etc

First of all, you need to pursue a software testing training before going for an interview. Automation testing tool like selenium web driver has a great scope in the future.

  • SEO analyst and Content writing jobs

Clients are not looking for just software, they need an SEO-friendly and bug-free applications.

SEO analysts perform the search engine optimization for all web pages in order to increase the search result rank and traffics for the websites.

If you like to become an SEO Analyst, no doubts clearly it’s a good profession and Currently, SEO analysts have a huge demand in the IT industry.

Other is Content writers,

Content writing jobs also good and trending jobs in the IT industry.

You can apply for content writing jobs only if you are good in the English language because most of the contents are written for English.

SEO Knowledge is an added advantage for content writers, So you try to learn search engine optimization and its techniques before attending interviews.

  • IT Security analyst.

Information security analyst uses some security standards and software to protects or prevents IT organizations, systems, and data from a cyber attack.

Now the digital world faces many cyber hacking issues and resolving these issues by connecting with IT Security analyst, So the demand and growth of the IT Security Analyst will be rapidly increased.


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