Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Future 2018/2019

How to Make Money from YouTube: -Best YouTube Channel Ideas 2018/2019

All my dears…Are you interested in making money with YouTube !!!…. let’s go …! Check the latest and Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Future.

You can make $$$$ passive monthly income from YouTube Channel…Yes  you can make huge money from youtube by uploading your own quality videos, and surely you obey some guidelines provided by YouTube like Copyright issues, Community guidelines …etc

Read and Understand  YouTube terms and conditions before starting a new YouTube channel.

The first step is to Choose one trendy/niche topics, But make sure that the selected topic suitable for you, because only quality videos with good contents get traffic. For my research, I have provided highly recommended 25 YouTube Channel Ideas, you can select the suitable one.

youtube channel ideasHighly Recommended 50 YouTube Channel Ideas 2018/2019

  1. Travel Vlogs
  2. Tech Videos
  3. How To Do Something Videos
  4. Prank Videos
  5. Gaming Videos
  6. Top 10 or Top 5 Channel
  7. Crafts or DIY Videos
  8. Motivation Videos
  9. Tutorial Videos
  10. Health Tips Channel
  11. Products Review Channel
  12. Android App Review Channel
  13. News Channel
  14. Kids Videos
  15. Agriculture Business Tips Channel
  16. Cooking Videos
  17. Makeup Videos
  18. Personal Development Videos
  19. Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Trading Videos
  20. How to Make Money Online Channel
  21. Profitable Small Business Ideas
  22. Amazon/Flipkart Product Reviews
  23. Carrier Advice Channel
  24. Tutorials for any Musical Instruments
  25. Animation Videos
  26. Stitching tutorial videos
  27. Interview videos with famous peoples
  28. Astrology videos 2019
  29. Videos for current affairs
  30. PSC coaching videos
  31. Fish or aquarium videos
  32. Mind relaxing or refreshing videos
  33. Blogging help videos
  34. Best app reviews
  35. Best facebook page/group review videos
  36. How to make wine videos*
  37. Parenting videos
  38. Pregnancy tips videos
  39. Best childhood activities video
  40. Review and working videos of popular WordPress plugins
  41. Makeup videos
  42. Review for good proteins(Not recommended for who don’t have sufficient knowledge about proteins)
  43. Videos for Things to do after marriage
  44. Gym videos
  45. Videos of Love(Anything related to love, which is more attracted for public)
  46. Career tips videos
  47. Videos for Best SEO tools
  48. Videos of elephants
  49. Best project management tools
  50. Cooking videos in an open space

The second step is to Make quality videos and upload it to your channel. Make sure that No copyright and community guidelines issue for your video. You can use better video title, descriptions and relevant tags for your videos to get good traffic/views.

youtube channel ideas

Finally, you can apply for monetization only after your channel reaches 4,000 Watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the previous 12 months.

Good Luck for Your Successful YouTube Channel…

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