25 YouTube Channel Ideas 2019 for Starting a Successful Channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Billions of search exist in every time on youtube. You can make money with good youtube channel ideas.

Before scroll down for reading the best YouTube channel ideas, you read below points carefully…!

Check How to start a youtube channel in 2019


What Things to remember before starting a YouTube channel


  • 1.Select a relevant niche topic

  • 2. Learn and understand YouTube policies.

  • 3. Understand the copyright strike and community guidelines.

  • 4. Choose a Strong YouTube channel name (See Guide).

  • 5. Learn how to create a quality video.

  • 6. Learn SEO for youtube videos.

  • 7. Make your channel more social

#IMPORTANT – Choose Niche YouTube Channel Ideas


Yes, Choosing a niche channel idea is an IMPORTANT step for every successful YouTube channel.

Because youtube channel success obviously depends upon the selected niche and used keywords.

You definitely get millions of views if you used high traffic niche or keywords.

You need to do is select your interested topic and upload all your videos related to the same niche is the best practice for successful youtuber.

In this article, I have provided the best youtube channel deas to make your channel more popular.

All these ideas are researched with Google AdWords so you can find out the best youtube video ideas from these lists.


Here is the Best YouTube channel ideas in 2019



Channel Ideas 2019∴

Note: If you feel some topics are old like tech videos, tutorial videos…etc Don’t worry listed topics are relevant in 2019.

1.Videos related to Food ordering apps

Food ordering apps

I have found food ordering apps like zomato,swiggy,ubereats..etc have a high hike at the end of 2018.

You need to do is create videos related to food ordering apps. Because many peoples search for food ordering app reviews, offers, food quality, apps for business, registrations, referral reward and much more.

Lots of video ideas exist for food ordering apps, Create videos with all updations in the app.

You also get sponsorship for new apps, if your channel goes popular.

2. Cryptocurrency-Bitcoin News Update

Cryptocurrency-Bitcoin News YouTube Channel

Create a channel for cryptocurrency news especially bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is the future topic so making videos for cryptocurrency is just awesome.

You can also upload videos for bitcoin trading videos because of most of the search for this niche.

3.SEO tips for bloggers

SEO tips for bloggers


One of the best money making method is AdSense for blogging and youtube channel, But peoples stress for blog traffic or youtube video views.

You need to do is create relevant and effective SEO tips for bloggers and video creators.

I am a blogger and mostly concentrated on Neil Patel’s SEO tips for my blog. You can start a channel for SEO tips if you have knowledge about SEO.

Obviously, SEO tutorials are the best youtube channel ideas because of the Google algorithm updates.

4.New business ideas 2019

YouTube channel ideas


YouTube ideas

I want new and fresh business ideas, Do you have?

Yes, most of them search for small, profitable and unique business ideas to start. Start a business-oriented channel 2019, If you have some good tips or ideas related to business or for entrepreneurs.

Use Jobthinks.com to find some awesome business ideas and create videos.

5.Motivational/Personality development videos.

yotube channel ideas

Motivational or personality development videos have high hike nowadays. You can create videos only if you have caliber about motivate others.

Motivational videos are not limited to specific people, this niche is very useful for everyone so the view count will be automatically increased.

Create awesome videos for tips for a good life,life-changing moments, positive quotes and much more.


6.Ways to make money online

yotube channel ideas 2019

Another popular way is to provide genuine ways of making money online. Make sure that the provided sources are absolutely useful.

Lots of money making methods are available now, you need to search and provide the latest contents for users.

My money making methods: https://jobthinks.com/make-money


7.YouTube channel ideas of Tech videos


best yotube channel ideas

We all know that Tech video channel is not a unique topic, a Large number of peoples used this niche.

But Tech videos are awesome if you have some unique ideas or contents.

Many new tech video creators have got millions of views with the latest technology updates.

Latest WhatsApp updates are the best practice of great tech videos and it is one of the best youtube niche ideas.


8.Travel videos

yotube channel ideas

Making Travel videos bit costly, But you get good traffic for travel videos by using SEO keywords. You need to do is create videos with your nearby beautiful places first, And schedule a trip for great places and create videos.

Do you know Andaman and Nicobar is a great place/keyword for youtube creators? If you have videos related to Andaman definitely your videos go viral.

9.Craft videos

youtube niche ideas

How to make paper crafts? How to make a craft house? Lots of searches exist for craft video related keywords. Obviously, craft videos are the best youtube channel niche in 2019.

My favorite youtube channel M4TECH makes a good amount of money with craft videos.


10.Health tips videos


YouTube channel ideas


YouTube channel ideas

Many peoples searching for health tips videos like home remedies for hair loss, weight gain or loss tips…etc

You can use this niche to make a large audience fast.

Make sure that all health tips are natural without any after effects. Provide only natural remedies are better.

Eg: Aloe Vera for hair loss

11.Cooking Videos

youtube channel ideas 2019


youtube channel ideas 2019

Cooking videos are other ways to make money and it is very suitable for every housewife. Everyone loves good and attractive foods. Make cooking videos with different types of foods in viewers point of view.

Peoples like open-air fish cooking videos, You try the best reachable type of cooking and make money easily.

12.Interior designing tips

youtube channel ideas 2019


youtube channel ideas 2019

One of the future topics is interior designing. Lots of peoples don’t know any interior designing requirements like best designs, its rates, interior designer, samples..etc.

Start a youtube channel for interior designing
tips, peoples definitely follow your videos if you provide some good

Also, you can provide tutorial videos for interior design, drawing, and computer-aided design(CAD).

I highly recommend you to start an interior designing youtube channel, only if you have good enough knowledge for the same.

13.Youtube channel tip


This is one of the clever mind ideas for the success of your youtube channel. You need to do is create tutorials videos for a youtube channel.

Nowadays a lot of peoples interested in starting a youtube channel and making money. And everyone find some tutorials for his/her youtube channel.

Create some useful, quality and informative youtube tip videos in your youtube channel.

14.Blogging tips

Youtube channel ideas


Youtube channel ideas

We all know that blogging is the No.1 method for making money online. Millions of search related to blogging exist in every day.

Start a youtube channel which helps peoples to
start a blog and make it profitable.

It is better to own one blog and start
creating videos with your blog like a screencast.

So the main advantage is you can make money with both massive platforms like blogging and youtube.

I really like Neil Patel’s YouTube channel  for all blogging tips.

15.Unboxing or review videos

Youtube channel ideas


Peoples buy products only after view the product review. The Best choice is product unboxing video.

And you can collect products from friends and family members and you can buy some cheap rated products to start unboxing video.

You can also start reviewing any services like a new movie review, new apps, and other services.

16. Hair caring and hairstyle tips

Hair caring channel

Men and women commonly like to produce beautiful hairs, So we search a lot of hair care tips on the internet.
Why start a youtube channel focusing on hair caring videos?
This is one of the best youtube channel niche you can start in 2019. Provide good quality tips or information related to hair caring to your audience to make your channel success.
Some beauty parlors or barber shops allow you to take capturing hair cutting videos, this is one of the best video ideas for this channel.

17.Parenting videos

parenting  video ideas

Good parenting makes a successful child growth.
The current generation and coming generations don’t know more about good parenting.
Start a youtube channel and provide some helpful parenting tips, You can also review some useful and secured baby products, toys, gifts, and other baby items.
Affiliated links are the second money making source with your parenting channel If you are willing to review some online baby products.

18.Local news channel

local news youtube channel

Peoples like important news to be watching videos rather than reading from newspapers or websites.
You need to do is collect interesting local news and upload in your youtube channel.
The chances of a viral video are high for a news channel.
For example, If you upload interesting local news to your youtube channel as much earlier than other youtube channels .there is a chance to get viral.

19.Comedy channel

funny youtube channel

Are you one of the funny guy?
You can start a comedy youtube channel if you have the ability for doing some fun.
By doing some mimics, funny conversations, funny husband and wife videos, funny kids…etc are some video ideas for this youtube channel.
Why we all love Mr, Bean? Why, because He is a unique comedian compared to others.
To provide a unique ability to your audience, it’s the key success for the best impressions, especially for some comedy youtube channels.

20.Fashion and Clothing channel

Do you want Top fashion clothes for a gorgeous looking? Click Here.

Ha..Ha.Here I do not include any URL for a click, But everyone likes to view this type of contents Because they love fashion and fashionable clothes.
Fashion and clothing channel is a good idea for a youtube channel in the current trends.
Provide fashion tips, makeover tips, matching clothes for weddings, outdoor clothes…etc in your youtube channel.
You can also use affiliate marketing for some fashionable online products, it increases your earnings.

21.Home and Garden caring channel

Home and Garden caring channel

Best youtube channel ideas for women include gardening and home cleaning related videos.
Provide anything related to gardening and home caring.
Try to make a beautiful garden at your home, to make a lot of traffic on your youtube channel.

You can also start seed sharing business and affiliate marketing with your youtube channel if you bit popular on youtube channel.

22.Sports and fitness channel

fitness channel

Many kinds of video ideas exist related to Sports and fitness channel.
80% of the video views from this type of channel is from men. So try to make videos with interesting topics for men.

Check some YouTube video ideas related to sports and fitness.

  • Shoot some local sports videos.
  • News channel for current sports
  • Gaming channel for sports games.
  • Sports inspiration videos.
  • Gym videos.
  • Health tips videos for fitness.
  • Gym equipment review channel.

Start a youtube channel for Sports and fitness and make your fitness well …! 🙂

23.Photoshop and flash tutorial videos

photoshop youtube channel

All internet users are likes to study photoshop and another motion editing.
They commonly prefer coaching classes, blogs or youtube channel for tutorials.
Buy at this time, youtube is the perfect way for a tutorial, especially for photoshop videos.
Create step by step video tutorials for using photoshop and each and every photoshop tutorials includes editing pictures, making a logo, background change, color options…etc

24.Pets caring channel

pets caring youtube channel

Most of the humans love cute pets. Do you have pets at your home?
Make videos with your pets and also provides some pet caring tips to others.
You can also start affiliate marketing with this youtube channel.
For example pedigree is the best food for dogs, So you can promote this product to your youtube channel with an affiliate link.

25. Playing musical instruments

piano youtube channel

This is one of the best youtube channel ideas 2019 for the best impression of others.
You can create some musical instrument playing videos like playing the violin, flute, trumpet, guitar, double bass or any other instruments you have experienced.

Now offline courses paying a large amount for instruments classes. So its a better idea for a youtube channel success if you have any instrument playing experiences.

Following are some of the best YouTube channel niches for different categories,

Niches for
Niches for Guys
Niches for
Niches for
Niches for
Age 50 
1.Gaming channel1.Tech videos1.WhatsApp updates1.Makeup videos1.Share life experiences
2.Child hobbies videos2.Travel Videos2.Bitcoin trading videos2.Fashion designing videos2.Advice for Kids or Youngsters
3.Story telleing videos3.Review videos3.Make money online videos3.Health tips videos3.Business advice
related videos
4.Prank videos4.Coding tutorials4.Lifestyle videos4.Health tips
5. Kids
activities /drawing videos
5.Business tips videos5.Blogging tutorials5.Cooking videos5.Motivation videos


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The YouTube channel success depends upon a lot of things, Most important factor is obviously your youtube topic or niche. Above all topics are the best for YouTube channel ideas in 2019 to make your channel more successful.

Do you have any other relevant YouTube channel ideas for making money?