10 Best YouTube Channel Ideas 2019 to Start a Successful Channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Billions of search exist in every time on youtube. You can make money with good youtube channel ideas only if you have a passion for creating videos or provide quality contents in the form of videos.

Check How to start a youtube channel in 2019

What Things to remember before starting a YouTube channel

  • 1.Select a relevant niche topic
  • 2. Learn and understand YouTube policies.
  • 3. Understand the copyright strike and community guidelines.
  • 4. Learn how to create a quality video.
  • 5. Learn SEO for youtube videos.
  • 6. Make your channel more social

The youtube channel success obviously depends upon the selected niche and used keywords.

You definitely get millions of views if you used high traffic niche or keywords.

You need to do is select your interested topic and upload all your videos related to the same niche is the best practice for successful youtuber.

In this article, I have provided the best youtube channel deas to make your channel more popular.

All these ideas are researched with Google AdWords so you can find out the best youtube video ideas from these lists.

Best YouTube channel ideas 2019 for a successful YouTube business

youtube channel ideas
Best YouTube channel ideas 2019

Note: If you feel some topics are old like tech videos, tutorial videos…etc Don’t worry listed topics are relevant in 2019.

Best YouTube channel ideas 2019

1.Videos related to Food ordering apps

I have found food ordering apps like zomato,swiggy,ubereats..etc have a high hike at the end of 2018.

You need to do is create videos related to food ordering apps. Because many peoples search for food ordering app reviews, offers, food quality, apps for business, registrations, referral reward and much more.

Lots of video ideas exist for food ordering apps, Create videos with all updations in the app.

You also get sponsorship for new apps, if your channel goes popular.

2. Cryptocurrency-Bitcoin News Update

Create a channel for cryptocurrency news especially bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is the future topic so making videos for cryptocurrency is just awesome.

You can also upload videos for bitcoin trading videos because of most of the search for this niche.

3.SEO tips for bloggers.

One of the best money making method is AdSense for blogging and youtube channel, But peoples stress for blog traffic or youtube video views.

You need to do is create relevant and effective SEO tips for bloggers and video creators.

I am a blogger and mostly concentrated on Neil Patel’s SEO tips for my blog. You can start a channel for SEO tips if you have knowledge about SEO.

Obviously, SEO tutorials are the best youtube channel ideas because of the Google algorithm updates.

4.New business ideas 2019

I want new and fresh business ideas, Do you have?

Yes, most of them search for small, profitable and unique business ideas to start. Start a business-oriented channel 2019, If you have some good tips or ideas related to business or for entrepreneurs.

Use to find some awesome business ideas and create videos.

5.Motivational/Personality development videos.

yotube channel ideas

YouTube channel ideas

Motivational or personality development videos have high hike nowadays. You can create videos only if you have caliber about motivate others.

Motivational videos are not limited to specific people, this niche is very useful for everyone so the view count will be automatically increased.

Create awesome videos for tips for a good life,life-changing moments, positive quotes and much more.

6.Ways to make money online

Another popular way is to provide genuine ways of making money online. Make sure that the provided sources are absolutely useful.

Lots of money making methods are available now, you need to search and provide the latest contents for users.

My money making methods:

7.Tech videos

Tech video channel is not a unique topic, a Large number of peoples used this niche.

Tech videos are awesome if you have some unique ideas or contents.

Many new tech video creators have got millions of views with the latest technology updates.

Latest WhatsApp updates are the best practice of great tech videos and it is one of the best youtube channel ideas.

8.Travel videos.

Making Travel videos bit costly, But you get good traffic for travel videos by using SEO keywords. You need to do is create videos with your nearby beautiful places first, And schedule a trip for great places and create videos.

Do you know Andaman and Nicobar is a great place/keyword for youtube creators? If you have videos related to Andaman definitely your videos go viral.

9.Craft videos

How to make paper crafts? How to make a craft house? Lots of searches exist for craft video related keywords. Obviously, craft videos are the best youtube channel ideas for 2019.

My favorite youtube channel M4TECH makes a good amount of money with craft videos.

10.Health tips videos

YouTube channel ideas

Many peoples searching for health tips videos like home remedies for hair loss, weight gain or loss tips…etc

You can use this niche to make a large audience fast.

Make sure that all health tips are natural without any after effects. Provide only natural remedies are better.

Eg: Aloe Vera for hair loss

Following are some of the best youtube channel ideas for different categories,

Ideas for
Ideas for Guys
Ideas for
Ideas for
Ideas for
Age 50 
1.Gaming channel1.Tech videos1.WhatsApp updates1.Makeup videos1.Share life experiences
2.Child hobbies videos2.Travel Videos2.Bitcoin trading videos2.Fashion designing videos2.Advice for Kids or Youngsters
3.Story telleing videos3.Review videos3.Make money online videos3.Health tips videos3.Business advice
4.Parenting related videos4.Prank videos4.Coding tutorials4.Lifestyle videos4.Health tips
5. Kids activities /drawing videos5.Business tips videos5.Blogging tutorials5.Cooking videos5.Motivation videos

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The youtube channel success depends upon a lot of things, Most important factor is obviously your topic or niche. Above 10 topics are best youtube channel ideas 2019 to make your business more successful.

Do you have any other relevant YouTube channel ideas ?

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