Best youtube channel name ideas and tips for beginners 2019

We all know that youtube channel business is rapidly increased all over the world. In this article, I am going to give you accurate information about youtube channel name ideas and best methods of choosing a better name for your dream channel.

There are 4 main sections for starting a youtube channel,

1. Choose a Niche Youtube channel idea (Click Here).

2. Create a Youtube channel without any minor mistakes(Click Here).

3. Choose a Youtube channel name.

3. Creating and Upload Videos.

For these 4 important sections, I have already written about 1) best youtube channel ideas and 2) how to start a youtube channel.

In this article, I am going to tell you some important things to consider before choosing a channel name.

A channel name is an official identity for your youtube channel. This name is edit from our Gmail name section.

Important things to consider for choosing a youtube channel name:

Obviously, the channel name is an important factor for your youtube channel success. Follow all these tips to make an active youtube channel name for your business channel.

1. Find a UNIQUE name

Avoid by choosing a channel name which already exists. Create a youtube channel name absolutely UNIQUE.

For example, if you like a name “Name pick”, then you go to youtube and search for this name then you should filter the search result top channel to identify selected channel name already exists or not.

2. Use NICHE Keywords

A channel name with a niche keyword will make a channel name strong.

For example, if you wish to start a tech-related youtube channel, then tech or technical is a strong keyword for the youtube channel name.

Eg:Technical guruji, Trakin tech, Energy tech…etc

3. Make a BRAND

You should make your channel name a brand. That is everyone can easily identify your channel with a unique name. You can also use your full name for this, but you need to test the uniqueness with the channel filter option.

For a big example, “pewdiepie” is a name and brand name for his youtube channel, No use for another channel named pewdiepie because it’s already existing with a heavy brand name.

4.DOMAIN name availability

It is better to search your channel name is available for domain name lists. Search it from Godaddy or other domain shopping websites.

For example, A person’s name is “sean cannell” He named his youtube channel and website name as sean cannell.

5. SIMPLE and Informative Name

I am not telling you a lengthy name is not good for a youtube channel. But as a beginner, you can use some easy or short name for your youtube channel.

Not try to select a lengthy name or useless meaning names. The name should be unique, short and meaningful or you can use your full name only if it is unique from all youtube channel lists.

Eg: A lengthy name like “TechTravelEatBy Sujith Bhakthan” is a successful travel channel from Kerala. He tries to include his name sujith bhakthan and all his top niche keywords like tech, travel and eat. So that he can make his name and channel a brand and unique.

Above 5 methods are useful for making a  strong youtube channel name.

I hope these tips will be useful for choosing a name for your youtube channel to become a brand name.

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