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Hello my dear friends, First of all, I would like to say – here I am providing best career advice from my personal experience, it will definitely help you to make your career bright that is what things make your career success and also you get an idea about what things make your career failure.

The Success or Failure of your life, obviously reason depends on you or your activities. So make sure that your career moving in the right way. I hope this guide will help you to understand some important points about your career selection.

Lets we start…I will provide important points or things to achieve a successful career below, Request you to read carefully and understand maximum,

#1 Being a good student :

Yes, Being a good student, which I mean increase your qualification level as much you can. I highly recommend you to take at least a postgraduate level or any other balanced courses.

Your selected course is the key element for your career, So you think well and make sure about the selected course is more suitable for you as well as evaluate your interest in the selected course.

Another important thing is research about what type of jobs or career growth for the selected course can have and try to understand about your selected course as much you can, it will very helpful to avoid a big career problem.

Example: What happens someone who doesn’t interested in software development or other IT company jobs but his/her qualification is a computer science graduate.

After your student level, you should know about which jobs are suitable related to your course. Following points, you should obey to make more your career bright,

#2 Choose your favorites job only for your career:

After your courses, you should seek jobs but makes sure that you select the best and growth job related to your course.

Everyone’s career and its growth failure due to the Job selection, For example, if you select a job and had experience in one or two years, thereafter try to select another job field, it’s a very tough task for you, so make your job selection properly.

Example, if you have computer science qualifications, then you should select the best suitable

Job related to computer science ie; Software development, Database administration, Quality assurance, Security analyst like that.

If you like only software development more then go for software development and not to select any other jobs, because it’s a good profession.

#3 Choose a medium company as Fresher:

Someone’s getting a job in MNC companies through recruitments, obviously, it’s good for future, but my personal opinion is to try to choose and join a medium company, its more advantages for your career.

Main advantages for Medium-Company compared to MNC company:

  1. You can learn and study your job more from the medium company.
  2. After one or two years of the medium company, you can get good companies with an attractive salary because you should learn and understand your job.
  3. Medium companies evaluate your performance and get appraisals. (MNC also provided, but somewhere they only focused on company regulations).
  4. Options for a company near your place. (Mostly MNC places in only some of the country areas).
  5. Medium companies interviewed for unique job designation so that you get only that Job(For MNC, they will provide and select your job designation after some evaluations during your training period).

These are the main reasons why I am said medium companies are good for Freshers. If you get a job in any MNC as fresher, then you should search and get advice for that companies rules, growth regulations, work conditions …etc.

#4 Looking for a Job change -Important things to remember:

You will make one or two years of experience in your first company, then you will try another company, it’s quite natural, but some important things to remember for your job change follows,

  • Make a good salary from the first company as much you can, because most of the companies give 30% of the previous salary. For example if your first company salary is 10k then you get approximately 10k + 3k = 13k only, Otherwise, if you get 25k in your first company then you will get 25k +7500 (30% of 25k ie;7500) =32500 RS, its great for future growths.
  • Try to learn and study your work in deep as much you can from your first company, because coming companies not give you good training or other learning opportunities.
  • Select Good standard company with the latest technologies. For IT professionals, technologies changed every time so you should update and learn the latest technologies, So companies with the latest technologies is an advantage for a successful career.
  • Select your previous experienced technologies or departments in other companies. For example, if you have experience in 2 yrs of Java developer, then try java related jobs in other companies, it will good for your career growth because everyone’s looking for relevant years of experience in specific technologies.

#5 Change Designation to Entrepreneurship

Everyone’s like entrepreneurship, but so many important things you needed to learn to start your own business. If you have relevant experience in your field and interested in own business, make good planning and implement without quitting your job.

If your business goes success, then you can quit your current job and actively concentrated on your own business.

Check my entrepreneur advice.



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