Career Change Cover Letter to Changing One Field to Another Field

The career change is not a problem for your life. But you should keep some important factors during your career change, especially for writing your career change cover letter for the new career.

A good career change cover letter is the key factors for another opportunity.

Most of the HR managers thoroughly check each and every career change cover letters rather than for a simple resume.

Lots of sample cover letters available on the internet, You can use and refer sample cover letters from professionals.

But I highly recommend you to understand first, Which means you need to learn about career change cover letters like what should be included and what shouldn’t.

I have researched some successful career change cover letters to get an idea about what should be contained in your career change cover letter. Following are the important points for your cover letter to being a successful career change.

Important tips for a good career change cover letter

career change cover letter

1. Add your transferable skills


Transferable skills have a vital role in a career change. Which defining your extra skills rather than the previous work experiences.

Some good transferable skills include, written and verbal communication, leadership, teamwork, adjustable for new environments, analytical skills, time management skills …etc

You should add some good transferable skills in your cover letter.

2. Add your experiences

Next is the previous experience.

You need to add relevant previous work experiences. And you can add your superior performance or other leadership experiences in the previous company.

You need to read the job description before writing your previous experience and try to relate your experience and wanted experience.

For example, A person wants to change to computer networking field with computer repair and service experience. He could add the experience of computer software and os installations.

3.Career change reason

This is the most important question asked by every HR Managers.

You should be ready for providing a positive answer for your career change.

You need to add a positive reason for your career change in your career change cover letter. Make sure that your answer is positive, but you should be ready to answer any questions related to your answer.

Because of lots of why-why questions, you need to face at the time of Interview, So make a good your own reason.

4. Read Job description

Understand the job and job description thoroughly before applying for a career change.

Job description specifies what skills are needed for the company, so the questions related to those skills may have happened.

So that understand the job description as much you can and recommend you to learn some skills added in the job descriptions.

5.Learn about the company

You should understand the company details like a company about us, services and other details at the time of interview.

They will ask questions like what do you know about our company or which services they handled?

So you should have knowledge about company details.

You can also add one or two sentences for company details and your passion for the company which you are applying.

What Shouldn’t Write in Your Career Change Cover Letter

Following are the things to avoid in your career change cover letter as well at the time of interview.

  • Don’t add more than 5 transferable skills
  • Don’t add or make fake experience certificates.
  • Don’t add a career change reason with a negative approach or attitude.
  • If you don’t have knowledge about the company and job description, it’s worthless.
  • Don’t blame the previous company.
  • Don’t make small spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes in your cover letter.

I really appreciate for reading this information about career change cover letter, So guys you can start writing your cover letter right now.

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