Fathers day in 2019 |Motivation message for Entrepreneurs, employees, and Students

We all know that Fathers day in 2019 was held on June 16th Sunday. Do you wish to plan or prepare for your father for something like gifts, surprises…etc

If no, I requested everyone to plan for something gifts or surprises for your father in the day of Fathers day.

Some of them think about what is the need for a special day like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day because they give love and happiness each and every day rather than a special day.

If you think like that, that’s great, and use Father’s day a special day for celebrations, gifts or surprises.

Our generation is totally changed, Most of them doesn’t have a minute for spending time with their parents. Some people are stressed with their business and business growth and they forget to stay present with their parents.

But, On the other hand, some of the people in the current generation gives first priority obviously for their parents. I really appreciate people who responsible for their parent’s happiness rather than forget parents for the self-growth.

These  Generations changes Should be Manage Properly:

Following are some of the things happening in our generation, But I’m sure most of them give more happiness to their parents.

1.Usage of Mobile phones and Laptops for self-entertainment especially students or teenagers: So that people don’t have time for conversation with parents, family members or neighbors.

2.Business peoples or entrepreneurs: Some of them busy with their business, business growth and new innovations so that they forget their parents.

3.Peoples going to other countries for making more money so that their parents try to stay alone.

We don’t care about the situation what happening, Give first priority for your parents, give more happiness and love each other.

Stay Happy, Love and Caring …! HAPPY FATHERS DAY …!

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