10 Good YouTube Video Ideas to Make a Viral Video


  Hey, are you youtube and you searching for some viral video ideas. Let’s try the following YouTube video ideas and use the relevant tags, title, and description for your video to make viral videos.

Follow Google Trends to read trending and latest topics, these topics are very useful for a successful viral video. You should think about the latest or trending topics, news, business…etc to get a viral/trending video ideas.

According to my research, I found some topics are very useful for a viral youtube video. You can try these topics with some relevant tags, title, and description, definitely, your video will go viral.

Good Youtube Video Ideas :

  • 1.Andaman and Nicobar tourism video

“Andaman and Nicobar islands located in India. It is the top most beautiful destination in India. Everyone like Andaman and millions of them search about Andaman related keywords every month. So you can make your video viral with Andaman related videos.

  • 2.Match house fire.

This video is no use other than the viral video. Just create some crafts with matchbox and finally fire them. Make your viral video with good thumbnails and tag names.

  • 3.Bitcoin trending video

Make a videos related to Bitcoin,cryptocurrency,blockchain,trading …etc

The best method for the viral video is Make a Live video for bitcoin trading.

  • 4.Youtube updates.

Make videos for youtube creators, Just create youtube updates, monetization updates, or any other latest youtube related news.

  • 5.Unique Pranks ideas.

Nowadays prank video highly demands youtubers. Everyone is interested to watch the prank videos. You keep some unique prank videos to get viral views.

  • 6.Giveaway video

Start a giveaway for 1 month period and shared also with Facebook and promote for 1 dollar.

  • 7.Free service or free seminar videos.

Create a seminar or any other workshop and announce this with youtube and promote with facebook. For this best workshop topic is “How to make money with youtube and blogger”.

  • 8.Latest Movie reviews.

Everyone loves to search movie review before going to the theatre. You can create a review video after the first show. The better and genuine way is to go live and ask peoples to movie review on the theatre.

  • 9. Share an awesome GNPC intro video to GNPC facebook page.

Trending facebook page “GNPC” crossed millions of followers in a small time span. If you want your video viral, you just create a unique and beautiful GNPC logo and send to the group owner. They will approve your post definitely if you shared a good video.

Note: Share your video and youtube video link.

  • 10. Create a channel for Whatsapp updates.

Another trending way for a viral video is to make videos for the latest WhatsApp updates. Whatsapp have updated their app functionality most of the months, You just create a video for review about the new WhatsApp feature.

All the above youtube video ideas are best in 2019 for a viral video.

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