How to Make money from paybitly with url shortening

One of the trendings and genuine platform to  Make money from paybitly with URL short links.

Paybitly is totally different from other short link website’s.

Following are the main advantages of paybitly compared to others.

  1. User-friendly website interface
  2. 10 % referral bonus
  3. Detailed statistics
  4. Minimum payout compared to others
  5. Average CPM is $ 4, it’s very HIGH compared to other’s

Paybitly also provides a great method to make money, which is from articles or videos created for paybitly websites. That is you have to create a tutorial or review about the paybitly website, you must use your referral link to create and send your article or youtube videos to

You have to get $5 for article contents and $100 for youtube videos.

Its an easiest platform for making money from any viral videos created by others. You have to create a short link for any popular videos in the youtube and shared with your friends, facebook or websites…etc

If any valid click received for your short link, you have to get $0.004. That is for 1000 views you have to get $4.

So guys don't miss this great opportunity, try and make bit large amount of money from paybitly.


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