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First of all, I would like to say congratulations and welcome to the booming business platform. In this article, I have provided a neat tutorial about how to start a youtube channel. If you planning for a youtube channel for business, then don’t miss this guide.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Lots of people make money from a youtube channel, Some of them are working in full time and someone in part-time.

According to the current trends, the youtube channel businesses have a great future and the opportunities are growing day by day. So guys don’t waste your time and start your own youtube channel business as soon as possible…!

You should learn the following guidelines before starting a youtube channel for business in 2019 and in the future

Guidelines for
Starting a YouTube Channel for Business

1.Learn privacy policy provided by YouTube

Youtube provided some guidelines for a youtube channel. You need to learn and understand every youtube policies especially community guidelines and copyright guidelines.

Keep updating your guidelines knowledge to avoid any future problems of your youtube channel.

2.Choose a Niche content

An important element for the success of the youtube channel is obviously your niche and contents.

Make research for trending youtube channel ideas. And choose the best niche, which more suitable for you.

You should research your youtube niche idea before starting a youtube channel for business.

3.Use right equipments

Is DSLR camera is mandatory for taking your videos?

The answer is obviously No.

I suggest you start with a good quality smartphone or iPhone.And keep in mind, the video quality is an important factor for attention for your viewers. So you need to buy good youtube video equipment later.

Check Best Equipment’s for YouTube Videos

4.Learn Video editing tutorials

You should have basic video editing abilities for creating awesome videos. You take some editing skills to improve your viewer’s attraction on your videos.

Take a look for some awesome video editing software’s.

5. Learn SEO for your YouTube videos

You should learn SEO,if you planning for a youtube channel for business.

The title, tags, and descriptions are the three fundamentals of YouTube SEO.Use attractive and tag included video titles, Use relevant meta tag names and add informative video descriptions for every single video in order to improve viewers engagement on your channel or videos.

How to start a youtube channel :Step by step guide 2019

Lots of peoples asked me how to start a youtube channel for business and they have lots of doubts. So I have covered all the contents in this article for starting an awesome business youtube channel.

Following are the important steps and things to consider while starting a youtube channel.

Start with step by step,

Step 1:Create a Gmail account

You should have a Gmail account for creating a youtube channel. If you don’t have an account, Create a Gmail account today.

If you have a Gmail account, then start by open youtube and sign in with Gmail account.

Step 2: Create your business youtube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is absolutely FREE.

You need to do is sign in your YouTube channel with using your Gmail account. And click on My channel to create a channel.

You can specify your channel name during this step. Or you can change the name later.

Step 3:Art your youtube channel

You need to art your youtube channel by adding an eye-catching channel profile image, channel art image, and channel description.

youtube channel art section

By doing this go to My channel from the top right profile icon and click on customize channel. Then you have to add a profile image, art image and description on the coming page.

Note the below points :

  1. If you want to change your channel profile image, then you change the Gmail account profile image which also reflects in youtube channel profile, By doing this click the profile image edit icon in the customize channel page.
  2. Add an art image with 2560 x 1440 pixels to displaying it properly.
  3. Include your niche tag names and contact information in your channel description.
  4. If you want to change the youtube channel name, Go to top right profile icon and click the gear icon to change your youtube channel name.
  5. Don’t use any copyrighted images.
  6. Choose a brand youtube channel name, which is not used for any other channels.

Step 4: Make and upload your first video

After the completion of above all steps, You are coming to the YouTube Studio section. This is the most important section of every youtube channel.

youtube channel studio

Go to My channel and click on YOUTUBE STUDIO(BETA) .

Then click on UPLOAD VIDEO button and select a file to upload.

Step 5: Make your video SEO friendly

Another important section is the SEO of your video. For this, you need to add relevant tags, titles, and descriptions.

video SEO friendly

You need to add good SEO friendly keywords in tags and title sections of video uploading page.

VidIQ is an add-on, which provides good keywords for youtube videos to rank higher.

Check VidIQ tutorials for SEO .

These are the main common steps involved in starting a YouTube channel.

I hope that the above contents are a valuable solution to the question “How to start a youtube channel”.

Youtube channel for business : – Things to remember after starting a YouTube channel

You should learn the following guidance after
starting a YouTube channel for business

  1. You can monetize your YouTube channel with AdSense only after reach at least 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers.
  2. Share your videos with top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…etc.
  3. Keep learning new updates and SEO techniques for YouTube channel or videos.
  4. Try to give reply for every single comment you received.
  5. Think new video ideas and make viewers impression.
  6. Don’t make any copyright issues or community guideline violations.

All are set…!

Now you can start your own youtube channel for business. If you face any problem for starting a youtube channel, feel free to contact me.


All the above contents are basics for starting a YouTube channel. You should keep updating your knowledge to become a successful vlog.

I wish you all the best for your youtube channel.



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