Career Change Cover Letter Sample & Example

Career change or looking for a new position in a different industry is not a challenging situation if you are going in the right way. The most important right way includes a good cover letter. Check our career change cover letter sample in this article.

Firstly you need to think and make a positive reason for a career change. Because all (most) of the recruiters and managers ask why you are looking for a career change.

You should provide positive answers to every question asked by the managers. So include every positive reason within a cover letter in order to impress every manager.

Start writing a great career change cover letter :3 elements

Following are the important elements for a great career change cover letter, In order to impress by the managers and they think you are fit and valuable for their organization.

1.Basic details – First paragraph

Before start writing the first paragraph, Make sure that your basic details like full name, address, phone number, and email id written without any mistakes.

Take care about the first paragraph because we all know that the first impression is the best impression.

You need to specify the role you applying and advertisement source for the vacancy. If you have any referral for the job, specify his/her name and position without any mistakes.

Next important thing is your Key skills. You need to read and understood the skills required and job description provided in the job advertisement before writing your key skills.

You need to do is just compare the company required skills with best suitable your key skills.

For example, A software tester have a key skill of knowledge in any programming language is better for software development jobs.

This paragraph is common for every cover letter But the key skill is the important factor for a career change cover letter.

2.Body Contents

Next, you write the body contents, which should be contain Previous work experience and reason why looking for a career change.

Factors should contains in the body contents includes,

  1. Previous Work experience
  2. The reason why looking for a career change

You need to specify the previous skills and experience you possessed and add the previous company, positions, department and year of experience ..etc.

Make sure that every sentence you written in good readability and short .

Next, provide a good reason for your career change. It is the main factor every recruiter considered, so try your best to provide a good answer.

Make sure that your reason is positive behaviour and explained in short and contentful.

3.Add transferable skills.

Finally provide your best transferable skills,

Check what is transferable skills

8 Good transferable skills includes,

  • Team player or teamwork
  • Leadership quality
  • .Good communication skills
  • Skills for motivation.
  • Good knowledge of computers and technology
  • The ability for providing New quality plans
  • Capable of taking interviews
  • Capable of taking a seminar or speech

In the last paragraph, you can also add something about the applied company and your contribution to the company.

career change cover letter sample

You can check the below sample career change cover letter ,

Dear Mr.John,

I have written this letter because of my special interest in the Software development engineer position posted on the ABC company website.

I am very interested and eager to take this role and my technical skills, programming knowledge, and my education make me a good candidate for this role.

Although I have experience in the position of Software QA engineer in ABC company. And I got an opportunity to learn some programming skills for automation testing tool. I hope this skill was very useful and able to become a software developer field.

Additionally, I got an opportunity in direct communication with clients. This improves my communication skills and able to handle the need for good communication.

I need this career change, Because of software development is more challenging and iam dreamed about development career. I believe this opportunity is very valuable for me and as well I have put all the reasonable effort for the growth of the organization.

My additional quality includes time management skills, motivation skills, leadership quality and the great knowledge in the latest technology will strongly effective for this role and make me a valuable candidate for this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to communicating with you about this job opportunity.

I can be reached anytime via my email id: and my mobile number: 22-66-88-77-99.


Pritam Applicant(SIGNATURE)

Pritam Applicant

This is a sample career change cover letter, you can use this and edit with your own contents If you have any doubts regarding a career change cover letter, feel free to Contact me.



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