6 Top Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2019

Hey, do you have a youtube channel? In this article, we provide the top ways to make money on youtube.

We all know that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, And billions of videos are watched every single day so the business scope with youtube is rapidly increased.

According to 2019 analytics, Youtube is the best platform for making money without any experiences or formalities other than the youtube terms and policies. 

YouTube is an Excellent Platform for Making Money in 2019

Every year the business trends are changed, For this year youtube channel is one of the great platforms for making money.

Anyone who is above 18 has to start a youtube channel, Lots of teenagers, college students and employees makes a good amount of money on youtube. Also, this is one of the best methods for housewives or moms to earn money.

To research below 5 topics before starting a youtube channel business:

  • 1.Youtube channel and monetization policies. (Click Here)
  • 2.Top ways to Make money on youtube(Read this article).
  • 3.VidIQ Tools for Youtube channel SEO.(Use VidIQ addon)
  • 4.Best youtube channel ideas for a niche channel.(Click Here)
  • 5. Learn Video editing tools and Videography.

Top 6 Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2019

Everyone tries to monetize their channel with Google AdSense, that was obviously one of the great methods on youtube to making money.

Following are some favorite ways to make money on youtube, Check it out,

1.Sponsored Ads

Nowadays lots of companies or brands looking for advertisement with youtube. You have to make money from youtube If your youtube channel has a standard audience.

For receive sponsored ads, you need more viewers or subscribers on your youtube channel.

2. Make Money With YouTube Partner Program

This is the common and #1 method for making money on youtube channel. Your youtube channel gets monetization, only if your channel reached at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the past year.

This is the best methods for who is interested in making videos. You get at least 1$ to 2 $ for 1k views. (The amount may change based on the country and ad type, ad click…etc).

3. Promote Others channels, links, products..etc

You can make money with promotions.

That is If your channel has 50 videos and only one video is getting viral. Then you can make money with only that single video.

For this, you need to find other youtube videos with little views and contact them for a promotion.

I.e; You need to add others youtube channel link, website link or video URL …etc based on the users need in your viral video description section.

(This is a proven method with my youtube channel TechTravelBlog)

4.Use Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Affiliate marketing is not only suitable for blogs/websites, but also for Youtube.

You can use affiliate marketing on your youtube channel in order to earn some extra money.

For this add your affiliate links to youtube video description section, Or you create a review video for amazon products or any other affiliated products and provide affiliate links in the description section.

5. Make more revenue from your Blogs with Youtube

We know youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. So the marketing scope with youtube is very high. You can make your blog or website more profitable with a youtube channel.

For this, you need to create videos related to your blog or website and add your blog URL in the video description section.

You can also add a blog or website links in the comment section of any videos on youtube.

6. Add Paybitly Links on Youtube

Paybitly is the No 1 website to earn money with shortening URLs.You can add paybitly URLs in your youtube video description section or comment section of any videos.

You can make money from every click on the shortened URL.

All these methods are good for making money on youtube. Again I would like to say that Google AdSense is the best method for youtube earning.

If you are new to youtube business, Then you should read our best youtube channel ideas for the guaranteed success.


Making money on youtube is not limited to Google AdSense. Top other ways include sponsored ads, Promote Others channels, links, products..etc, Use affiliate marketing on youtube, Make More revenue from your Blogs with youtube, and Add paybitly links on youtube.

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