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Hey, Do you want to make money with your own business? This article helps you to find good business ideas to make money.

If you like entrepreneurship, then you should read this article to get some good and profitable business ideas.

You can also check what key elements are involved in a successful business.

In this article, I would like to share the best and profitable business ideas to make money.

Here I have provided lots of good business ideas, But you need to do is first read and understand all the business ideas I have mentioned it and choose the best business which is more suitable and comfortable for you.

Every business success depends upon how you implement the business strategy, efforts you put on your business, effective marketing knowledge, experience for the business or knowledge about the business …etc.

Most of them are looking to make money in a simple way or make money fast. But the best and passive method is to put a good effort for your business to make it a success for an entire lifespan.


Lets we check out what are the Good business ideas to make money,

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the trending business ideas to make money online.

Blogging is a passive money making way. You have to make a good amount of money with blogging. This method is mainly suitable for someones who have the ability to write contents with any of the topics you interested in.

Many peoples make millions of money with blogging. The ad network Google Adsense is the best source to make money with blogging.

Important steps involved in blogging business includes,

  1. Choose a niche topic
  2. Select your blogging platform
  3. Buy a Secure domain name and get hosting
  4. Configure your Blog
  5. Design your Blog
  6. Start creating useful and rich contents

You can check here how to start blogging and make money.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is another trending way to make money. You can easy to make money as a YouTube creator.

YouTube is a fantastic platform to make money If you have the ability to create quality videos with good and attractive contents.

Steps involved in the YouTube business:

  1. Create a YouTube channel and add profile image cover image, title name, and description, which is suitable for your niche.
  2. Choose one of the trending and relevant Niche/Topic, which is more suitable for you to provide good information.
  3. Read and understand YouTube guidelines and like community guidelines, copyright guidelines..etc
  4. Create awesome quality videos after understand the YouTube policies.
  5. Upload videos continuously and apply for Adsense after reach the threshold.

Note: Adsense monetization enabled only after reaching the YouTube threshold.

The current threshold is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

YouTube is absolutely free, you only need to create quality videos.

Here you can check the niche topics for YouTube.

3.Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a standard business to make money online. Lots of business ideas are available for e-commerce business, one of the simplest and profitable ways is affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is a process of sell products with affiliate links. Top affiliate business providers are click bank, Amazon and Flipkart. You can make affiliate links for any of the products and you get commissions for every successful sale with your affiliate links.

Steps involved in an affiliate marketing business

1.Apply for an affiliate program with Amazon, Flipkart or ClickBank

2.Create affiliate links

3. Share maximum your affiliate links to social media networks, blogs..etc

Check affiliated good strategies->>>

4. Make Money With Online tutoring

I love online tutoring to make money. I have used Chegg website to earn money.

Online tutoring is a good business if you have any subject knowledge or any technical knowledge. You can also sell your education with udemy website to make money.

Check here >>how to start online tutoring and make money with Chegg.

Steps involved in Udemy to start making money

  • Register udemy for a business account
  • Create a lengthy video with good quality content and uploaded to udemy.
  • Share your video tutorial link with all social networks and blogs.

In this way, you can make money.

5. Sell Images on Shutterstock


Do you like photography, Why you are holding your awesome images? Do you want to make money with your images? Read below.

You can make money with good images, you need to do is capture good images and upload it into the photo-sharing websites like shutter stock, I stock, Alamy images..etc

Shutterstock is popular and best for contributors to start making money with images. If you have an HD camera, then you have a big scope in this type of business ideas.

Steps involved in becoming a shutter-stock contributor

  1. Register with Shutterstock contributor.
  2. Upload your identity.
  3. Upload images and get approved at least 1 image to activate your contributor account.
  4. Keep uploading and make money
  5. So guys don’t waste your images in drive only, register and upload all your HD images to a contributor account.

6.Freelance Jobs to Make Money

Another way to make money online is with freelance jobs. Tons of freelance jobs are available for you if you have any technical knowledge’s like web designing, content writing, SEO analysis, coding, graphics designing, data entry jobs …etc

Most popular and highly paid freelance websites include,,,

Freelance jobs don’t give you a passive income, its a type of active income model. But You get passive job requests from freelance websites after you get a number of good profile reviews.

Steps involved in becoming a good freelance worker:

  1. Register relevant freelance websites like Fiverr,upwork,peopleperhour…etc
  2. Add all your profile picture, experience, CV, work examples, in your account.
  3. Apply for relevant jobs as much you can, and you must apply for jobs with quality contents.
  4. Use filter options. The chances of getting a freelance job are high If you use filter options like the latest jobs.

If you are an expert in any of the technologies then freelance is better for making money as active income compared to other business ideas.

7.Influence marketing Business

Do you know anything about influence marketing? I just give you an introduction and how peoples make money as an influencer.

Influence marketing is a type of promotion, it’s for a website, services or products. The influencers are promoted other products or services with social media.

Mainly the influence marketing sources are social media websites like Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube …etc.

You can be an influencer if your social media profiles have good followers or likes. Also, you can become an influencer if you have a good number of subscribed users on YouTube.

How to become an influencer?

  • Register all social media websites.
  • Focus on followers, likes, and subscriptions.
  • Advertise for influence marketing in your account.

Somebody ask me to promote their websites or services on my Facebook page, If I have 1M page likes on my Facebook page.

8.Digital marketing expert

Digital marketing is another trending way to make money online. Different types of business ideas are included in the digital marketing platform.

The main types of businesses included in digital marketing include,

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Influence marketing
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)businesses.
  4. Digital marketing tutorials (Blog/YouTube/Udemy)
  5. Email marketing

All these types of businesses are related to digital marketing. SEO and Social Media marketing are the kings of digital marketing sources.

You can start digital marketing services and make money if you have good enough knowledge in SEO, social media marketing, email marketing like mail-chimp..etc

9.IT Company Startup

Many small IT companies make good revenue with their business. The success of IT companies purely depends on the number of clients and projects received by the company.

I highly recommend you to start an IT company only if you have a number of known clients.

Good tips before starting an  IT company

  1. Identify some trusted clients before starting a company.
  2. Provide timely and quality services with some unique features.
  3. You can start blogging, YouTube creator or other online jobs within the startup company.
  4. No need high salary employees during startup.
  5. Effective marketing, or stay connected with digital marketing experts.

So the startup ideas are powerful business, keep in mind marketing is the key factor for success.

10.Bitcoin Trading Business

Latest and trending money making online business is cryptocurrency trading or mostly bitcoin trading.

Trading bitcoins which mean that buying or selling of bitcoin with market value strategies. For a dummy example, If I buy a pizza at $50 and sell the same pizza at $100(here the market value for that same pizza changed $50 to $100) so my profit is an extra $50.

In the case of bitcoin, The market value is very high and the market value changed each and every seconds. So the scope of the trading is big in bitcoin compared to all other cryptocurrencies.

Bittrex is a good platform for bitcoin trading with market value strategies. First, you need to do is learn all the basics of cryptocurrency trading and market strategies in order to start your trading business and achieve success.

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11. Start your own Search Engine Website

Search engine business websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are considered as the top search engine websites over the world.

You have to start a small search engine website to make money.

Mainly two methods to make money easily from the search engine website,

1.Ads in your search engine website – You can start making money with Google AdSense or other ad networking platforms and Other sponsored ads.

2. Provide options for users to a premium subscription to enable or disable ads displayed on the search engine.

12. Adserver Business ideas

Adserver businesses are a good method to make money, But you should have needed knowledge about ad-server features.

There are three panels needed for an ad server business website.

  1. Advertiser panel
  2. Publisher panel
  3. Admin panel

Advertisers can add their PPC ads or CPM ads from the advertiser panel. Advertisers should have account balance to add their ads, So they need to add account balance first.

Publishers have publishing ads added by advertisers. Also, publishers get money based on the valid click or impressions received for the published ads.

Admin panel is implemented for website owners to make money. Mainly admin got money as commissions for each click and impressions generated on publisher panel.

13.Online Real estate Business

Real estate business is a profitable one. Different ideas to make money with real estate business.

The best method is to become an agent for a property. Agents get a commission for each successful sold.

Another method starts an online business platform for your real estate business, in order to implement different business ideas in place.

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14.Space/Room Sharing Business

Room booking business is a hot online business. If you implement the business property. you definitely get amazing results.

My friend has started this business and he makes a good amount of money with a single website.

The method is to start a room booking website and collect your clients then add all the available rooms or spaces.

For example, if you start for a hotel room booking website. then you need to do is contact some Best and relevant hotel owners and request to add their hotel room to your website and agreed for your commission.

15.E-commerce Business Ideas

Top e-commerce company Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal..etc make billions of money.

Different methods of business ideas available for e-commerce business. The best method is to start an online store and sell your own products with payment gateway systems.

If you don’t have your own products for sale, the go-to affiliate marketing products and drop shipping products on your website to make money.

Blogging and affiliate marketing is the best combination for the growth of your e-commerce business.

16.The Online Food Ordering System

This is one of the hot online business mostly with mobile applications.

Top mobile applications like Zomato, Uber eats make good profits with food ordering apps.

The main problem behind this business needs a large number of employees to supply foods at proper delivery locations.

Another way is to add your hotel and available foods into the best food ordering apps like zomato and uber eats to get a good amount of orders.

This business has a large scope with locations with no food ordering apps available.

17. Sell your articles

Nowadays, Most of them looking for making money from home or from the internet.

Blogging is a good professional business and contents are the king of blogging. Some of them looking for good article writer’s to add contents for their blogs.

If you provide high-quality contents, you get money for your contents.

The best way is to make a website and advertise everywhere like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter…etc

18.Develop Mobile apps

Mobile apps are the hot one. You can make money from Android or iOS applications.

Lots of business ideas exist with mobile applications which include food ordering apps, social media apps, image or video editing apps, classified apps…etc.

First of all, you need to do is select an app idea which is more suitable for you. And connect with AdMob monetization and other ad platforms.

Things to remember for mobile application

  1. Neet and extraordinary design.
  2. Bug-Free application.
  3. Responsive/Compatible for all devices.
  4. Add your own contents, Not use any images or contents which is an existence of copy write strike.
  5. Unique features, Users like unique features compared to other apps.
  6. SEO for the app store or Google play store.

19.Website development

Make a good amount of money faster with website development if you have the ability to do coding.

You can start website development full time or part-time. Make sure that you have enough clients If you start with full time.

Most of the freelance websites offers website development and assign work to freelancers.

According to me, LinkedIn is one of the best places for searching for your part-time jobs. Search part-time jobs with nearest locations on LinkedIn and request a job offer.

20. Sell designs on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is one of the best and popular websites for finding awesome free or paid web designs.

Themeforest also offers users to make money by creating creative web designs.

It is one of the best places for making money if you have knowledge about designing web pages.

21.Social media profile management

We all know that social media are emerging resources for effective marketing. You can make money from social networking websites like facebook, Instagram,pinterest…etc

Lots of business ideas exist with social media, One of the trending ways is to social media profile/page management.

Some of the company or person looking for a social media management team, its may one person or one group of peoples.

Examples like most of the celebrities are managing their social media profile with the existence of third party user. And they give money for social media management services.

Don’t have contact with celebrities? No problem, Not only looking for celebrities but also most of the companies are looking for a social media management service.

Linkedin and facebook jobs are the best places to find social media management jobs.


22.Review websites/apps to make money

Many house wife’s make a good amount of money with reviewing websites or apps. One good website provides users to test websites or mobile applications to make money.

User testing is the simplest job but you can make a good amount of money. Only you need to do is to learn some basics of software testing from and register and apply for jobs with and other freelance websites.

Important elements for user testing :

1. Provide a neat test report.

2.Test all functionalities thoroughly

3. Test all pages with the responsive mode.

4. Make compatibility testing

5.Design testing.

Most importantly you should give the website/apps are User-friendly or not, if not provide all reasons.


23. Write and publish a Kindle ebook

You can share your knowledge, story, poems or anything else with amazon kindle ebook.

Amazon provides an opportunity to make money with creating Kindle ebooks, You could not get money with only a creation. You get money if any of the users brought your Kindle ebook.

Register and publish your Kindle e-book.

24. Sell your Education on Udemy.

Another way to publish your knowledge or education is with udemy. Udemy is one of the popular online learning platforms.

Udemy for business provides an opportunity for users to create tutorials and sell from udemy.

The best way is to create lengthy and contentful video and upload it into the udedy business platform, then share your tutorial link to all social media websites and other promoted resources.


All the above business ideas are good for making money. You need to do is understand all business ideas and select one of the suitable methods and implement your business step by step…!

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