Neil Patel SEO Tool for New Bloggers [Highly Recommended]

First of all, I would like to share my experience in blogging and SEO implementations. I have started blogging in 2017 and start learning SEO in 2018. I have used so many tools and tutorials from different resources. But I can’t comfortable with any of the resources other than the Neil patel seo.

I love to learn all the tutorials provided by Neil patel and try to implement them in Neil’s way.

During 6 months of my SEO, I got several results like 50 organic traffic a day but I know it’s very low.

I started learning about Neil patel SEO tool “SEO Analyzer for FREE” and this tool is very useful for finding my SEO mistakes and suggestions to improve search traffic.

How to use Neil patel SEO tool “SEO Analyzer”

Go to Neil patel SEO tool “SEO Analyzer” and put your blog URL and submit.

Follow website analysis report, it will point out all the SEO errors and suggestions to improve the search traffic.

It will also be showing your website loading or speed related issues because website loading is the main factor of search result ranking.

I highly recommend you to follow Neil patel seo ,I think he is a genius for search engine optimization.

You can check Neil patel blog and youtube channel in order to find his SEO tutorials.

Check Neil patel SEO blog.

Check Neil patel youtube channel.

I would like to say thank for Mr.Neil Patel for giving some awesome FREE tools and FREE SEO tutorials.

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An excellent tutorial is needed for an effective SEO implementation, mostly for beginners. According to me,Neil patel seo tutorial is very effective so I recommend you to learn his seo tutorials.


Mahesh S

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