Top Online Data Entry Jobs:Work from Home & No Investment

Highly Recommended Top Online Data entry Jobs

 Hey…Do you want to make money online? The top simplest method is online data entry jobs, We provide genuine and Top Online Data Entry Jobs, it is the top simplest job online jobs ever.

Everyone likes online data entry jobs because it is the very simplest job and no more qualifications required.

Basic qualifications for Data entry Jobs:

dataentry jobs1Minimum typing speed of 25-30 WPM.
dataentry jobs2Knowledge in reading and writing basic English.
online dataentry jobs3Basic internet browsing knowledge.
online data entry jobsKnowledge in MS Office, Excel, and Spreadsheets.
Let us see the different online data entry jobs and genuine sources for the job.

1.Normal/Plain Data entry Jobs:

This is the common data entry job like writing the text contents into word document from PDF, Image or any other formats.

Some of the most popular sites for genuine data entry jobs:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelance
  3. Fiverr
The highly recommended site is Upwork because you can easy to get work from Upwork compared to others.

2. Captcha Enter/Copy-Paste Online Jobs :

It’s a very simple online data entry job. You can make good money depends on the typing speed.
Most genuine captcha entry job websites pay around $0.35 to $1.5 for every 1000 captcha images you type correctly.

Some of the most popular sites for genuine captcha entry jobs:

  1. 2captcha
  2. Megatypers
  3. Protypers
  4. Kolotibablo
The highly recommended site is because you can earn more than $1 for solving 1000 Captcha. And you can get a bonus amount and referring amount from 2captcha.

3.Online Survey Jobs:

Another type of data entry job is online form filling or survey jobs. For this job, you need to fill/answer for some questions like fill an application form. The purpose of this job is company need s to understand the users feedback about company related things or activities.

Questionnaire length is around 5 to 30 minutes depends on the survey. You can make good money from survey jobs also.

Highly recommended website for survey job is Clixsense and Neobux. You can make good money from both websites.

4.Audio Transcription Jobs.

Audio transcription is a type of online data entry job. Here you need to convert audio file audio file into word document. If you are good in English, its very easy job for you because most of the transcription job is in the English language. Most Popular transcription job is Medical transcription job.
A highly Recommenced site for audio transcription job is Transcribeme

5.Database Content Update Jobs:

This is another standard data entry jobs. Your duty is to add values for some field names like username, email address, phone number, address…etc
Example: Update 1000 User details into a database from given PDF file.
Some of the most popular sites for genuine data entry jobs:
These are the Best Online Data entry Jobs and its Sources. I have provided only top and highly recommended sites for each category. You can find all these jobs from various freelancing job sites like Up-work, People per hour, Freelancer, Fiverr….etc

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