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Online jobs for college students Earn 45000 Monthly

Hey, Are you looking for a genuine part-time job or work at home job? If yes, You can continue reading till the end, You can make good earning from this method/website. Here I explain Online college student jobs in 2019 with Chegg India online tutoring website. Many of the students and housewife and are asked me “Which is the genuine website offers an online tutoring job with good earnings?” , Here is the answer and Full tutorial for earning money from Chegg India website.

You can Make Money From Chegg as a tutor. Here you can help students to earn money. This is the very easiest method to earn lots of money, but you have a medium knowledge about any subject.
Your duty is to help students, that is Answering questions for students posted questions or assignments.
This is a genuine website to earn money. You can earn money with every single quality answers.
For advanced math’s, you can get approximately 300.RS for every quality answers.
If you are good in any Subjects, definitely it’s your destination to earn huge amount of money.
Suppose you answering 5 questions daily i.e: 30*5=150 Questions /Month

For one quality answer you can get approximately 300 RS, then Monthly your earning is,

300 * 150= 45000 RS per month .waww ..its great.
Join today and Start earning money from Chegg…

What are and

The company has two core websites, First one is and another is is the websites for students who want answers or want to ask some questions, Another service includes in is to rent or buy books, find some textbook solutions, ask a study question and able to find an online tutor.

Next core site the, Which offers peoples can register as a subject matter experts and make good earning with answering or help students. So here is the place you need to register and completed the registration process to become a subject matter expert.

The registration process is simple, but you should follow some guidelines to get the approval of your account, So kindly read and understand as much you can before start your registration process.

Chegg India Registration Process

Chegg India Pvt.Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of USA based Chegg Inc. The company provides quality contents or answers for students, mainly students from the USA. If you want to make money from Chegg India with online tutoring, then you should become a subject matter experts in the Chegg India platform.

Check more company details here – About Chegg India

Here are the registration steps of Chegg India to make money from home and become a subject matter expert.

Step 1:

Go to Chegg India Registration Page and click the “Join now” button.

After click to Join Now button, you need to select one of the options like I am a college student or I have graduated from college.

Please Note: If you are a college student then you should provide some important details like College name, Your course and specialization, and College ID card number.

If you select graduated from college, then you should provide details like your occupation name, College name, All scanned copy of certificates and PAN card number.

Fill all your details and make sure that the information you provided is absolutely correct. The further registration process is the same for both students and employees. Let’s continue to next step…

Step 2:

After registration, you have qualified for Chegg Subject Test for your selected subject.
You have only two chances for this test, All other instructions are shown at the time of the test.

Step 3:

After passing the Subject test, You have received Chegg answering guidelines, You should read these guidelines carefully and understand how to make answering. Then attend one more test related to this guideline test, After passing this test also, you are eligible for Help students.

Step 4:

Update your Bank details for Chegg payment.
So guys try, it’s a standard online money making website, definitely, you can make a good income from this website.
For more information about Chegg, or you want any help regarding Chegg registration, Comment below and subscribe to my email list.
N.B: For should take our website in a new private window of the browser.

If you have any doubts regarding any money making methods, feel free to contact job thinks or ping me our social media provided in the header section the website.

Hopefully, this way helps you to make money online.
Keep chegging…Keep earning…Thank you…

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