Which is better Government jobs or Private jobs?2019 Update

  Hello dear friends, Are you confused about which job sector is good for a better life, I think its a common question for everyone’s mind. Here I would like to share my personal experience, Which provides you to get some helpful points for Government jobs or Private jobs.

Currently, I Am working in a private sector, but I try a lot for a government sector job after my studies. Right now I realized that some more advantages have private sector jobs compared to government jobs.

Everyone knows the basic difference between government jobs and private jobs, I would like to provide some more important points for both government and private employees, I hope this guide is very useful for everyone, kindly request you to read every point and understand as much you can.

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Lets we start, Following are important points for government employees and private employees,

Points for Government jobs or Govt. Employees:

1. Government jobs are better If you want respect from the public. In the case of private employees, they get respects from senior employees in the same company only no more chance for respect from the public.

2. Work pressure or stress low for government jobs compared to Private(it may vary based on the job category or job position).

3.Applicable for reasonable leave requests for govt.employees.Fewer holidays/leave in the private sector compared to the government.

4.Pension after retirement. For the public sector does not provide any pension after retirement.

5. Job security is High for government employees compared to private employees, Private employees get fired any time without any reason.

6. Government employees get more FREE TIME, Yes it’s not a small thing, most of the government job timing around 10 AM to 4 PM but for senior level only need to work around 4-5 hours only. But for private, its approximately 9 AM to 6 PM regularly and late punch-out for urgent works. (Timing provided are approximate, it may vary based on the type of company, type of job designation, seniority…etc).

7. Government employees get free time for other part-time businesses.

8. Promotion mainly based on the senior level, You can reach one good respectful designation after some promotions.

Points for Private jobs or Private Employee’s:

Are you a private employee?… If yes..then I would like to give cheers from you ..Cheers 🙂

My personal opinion is private jobs do not give you a bad life, all things depend on you. Private employees also get respects, Stress-free life, Pension, Job security and FREE TIME, Only you need to do is change the attitude and try your best for a better life.

I have provided 8 main advantages or good things for government employees compared to private above. Here I am providing how to get or what things to make these all good things also makes for private employees.

1. Respect is not only based on government/private but also for Quality of a person, Which means that if you provided an awesome service from your company or from your own company, definitely you get respect from others.

2. Job stress depends on the company and senior level, some of the IT companies act as a government. You need to do is select a good company which provides less stress for work, Now, lots of platforms available for a query about company information.

3. Holidays and leave request also depends on the company, Each company have their own rules and regulations, Try to understand the rules and regulations before joining a company.

4. We all know that pension is only available for government employees, But my personal opinion is pension is also available for private employees, Only you need to do is Blogging.

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5. Job security depends on the knowledge and qualifications of a person. If you work sincerely then you can work in the same company for a long time. But better is looking for a  job change for better salary and better positions, First of all, I would like to say that improve your knowledge about your technologies as much you can and then try to move another company.

6. Private employees also get free time, Myself Mahesh is a private employee who is the founder and writer of JobThinks.com.I have time to share my knowledge, advice, experience and much more in the form of blogging.

7. Online businesses are most suitable for private/IT professionals. I am a software engineer and Blogger. I have research about lots of online money making methods, as a result, I’m suitable for advice or share genuine money making methods.

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8.Promotion based on the quality of your work as well as years of experience.

I hope this guide more useful for private employees, If you have any query related to any posts from this blog, feel free to contact or add comments.

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