Swagbucks review 2019-Earn Gift Cards With New To Do List

Here is the swagbucks.com review

Swagbucks is a popular and good reward program that offers you to earn gift cards or money in every day.

You can earn Swagbucks points by doing some simple activities like answering for surveys, web search, daily deals, signups, daily discover…etc

Swagbucks points are used to buy some gift cards from your favorite retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart…etc.
You can also convert Swagbucks reward points to money. For example, you can transfer $5 into your PayPal account by 700SB.

5 Methods to earn gift cards or money from Swagbucks

earn gift cards

1.Content Discovery

Contact discovery which may in the form of a web search or watching videos.
You can earn some Swagbucks points for watching videos and simple web search.

2.Sign Ups

Another simple way to earn Swagbucks points is to signups to some websites.
Some of the deals have signed up with shopping, But its rewards something higher compared to a simple sign up bonus.

3.Answering surveys

This is the awesome methods for making money or gift cards in Swagbucks.
You get a good reward if you complete a survey accurately.

4.Mobile apps

The mobile app is another section in Swagbucks, which offered you to install or sign up to something mobile apps to earn Swagbucks.
This is another simple way to earn rewards.

5.To-do-list to earn Bonus SB

To do list is an awesome feature exists in Swagbucks in 2019.
This list contains mainly 7 tasks for earning bonus rewards. Also, these tasks are present in your account every day.
They saying that if you complete 6 tasks out of 7, Then you will get some more Bonus points.

The 7 tasks in to do lists include,

  1. Daily Poll
  2. Daily search
  3. Deal of the day
  4. Daily activity
  5. Daily discover
  6. Attempt a gold survey
  7. Complete a gold survey

These daily tasks offer you earning good reward points in 2019.

Another one of the popular and existing earning way is from referral program.

You get 500 SB Points for each and every successful refer.

So I concluded that Swagbucks is a genuine platform in 2019 to earn some money and gift cards.




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