Testmysite thinkwithgoogle :Best tool for bloggers to improve mobile first indexing

Google updated the new search results algorithm, which is mobilefirstindexing. You need to use testmysite thinkwithgoogle tool to get search rank in mobile indexing.

The latest Google update mobile first indexing mean by indexing is based on the mobile performance of the websites/blogs. And make sure that every page on your websites should be responsive.

Testmysite is an awesome online tool for identifying your website loading speed on mobile.

Early days, I have checked my website loading speed in web platforms only using google pageinsight and Pingdom tools. But now I realized that a website/blog with good loading speed on mobile also good for users traffic.

During my first check, Testmysite thinkwithgoogle displays my site takes loading time of 10s, and which is considered as “Poor” category.

Also, they displayed above 24% of visitors I have lost because of the loading problem.

You need to do is go to Testmysite thinkwithgoogle tool and put your URL and check your site speed on mobile.

You need to make “Good” status in testmysite tool for your website If you get the results are “Poor” or “Medium” loading speed.

How to make website loading below 5s using Testmysite thinkwithgoogle

First of all, you need to read the mobile speed and usability results from Testmysite thinkwithgoogle.

The interesting thing is this test result provides all the issues for your loading problem. And you can fix each one to improve your website loading.

Common issues for loading problem includes,

  1. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.
  2. Issue related to Server responds time.
  3. Image size issue.
  4. Leverage browser caching.
  5. Minify and compress CSS …etc.
All the above issues
are easy to fix if your website is connected with WordPress.

Another method for quickly improve your website loading on mobile devices is by the use of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages).

AMP is very helpful for fast page loading on mobile and improves website visitors.

Check How to create AMP pages.

Definitely, you get improved website visitors after fix the issues provided by  Testmysite thinkwithgoogle.

I hope this tool helps you to increase your website loading speed and improved traffic.

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