The key features of Web Portal Software

What is a web portal?

A web portal is a single website which contains multiple scripts like search engines, shopping carts, blogs, and other forms of websites.

The main use of the web portal script is to easy to manage all your scripts, easy to share with your friends and a single registration to use all the scripts included in the web portal.

If your web portal website is running good with high traffic, then you can make any of your business more profitable and successful.

For example: If your web portal website has daily 5000 visitors, and you focused on selling your products from your e-commerce website.

Here you just need to add a section of your shopping cart in web portal home page, Definitely, you get sales from your web portal traffic.

I highly recommend you use Bing homepage design for your web portal, This is very suitable for any web portal software.

Important points: Key features of web portal website

1. You should have multiple scripts like search engine shopping cart, news blogs…etc

2. All your scripts should be included as a link or as a layout in the web portal home page.

3.Option to choose/login other scripts admin area from web portal admin.

4. Single sign-in option, It is one of the very important features in a web portal, That is if a user register to web portal script, then he/she should be login to other scripts using the same login details.

5. Proper redirection links, If a user register/login to web portal script, then he/she has an option to redirect to other scripts from header labels included in all script headers.

6. Option to add new services or scripts from the admin area.

These are the main key features of web portal software.

You can start a web portal if you have multiple business websites.Your web portal should be well designed and should include a register/login button, other scripts names and URL in the header section, a search box in the header like bing, and all other scripts with good layouts in the footer section.

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