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Lots of highest paying jobs are available for non-graduate peoples, You need to make a good knowledge for a particular job or interesting job to go ahead of your career. In this article, I have mentioned some highest paying jobs without a degree.

Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

1.An Astrologer or Temple Poojari

The future scope of astrologers rapidly increased because of the unavailability of good astrologers.

If you are interested or related family for becoming an astrologer, it’s a good choice for natural living and your profession.

The pooja jobs in temples are great for natural and healthy living.

Note; Don’t select for astrology or pooja jobs only for earning money. It’s a dedicated thing related to gods, So check you and mind is suitable for these jobs.

2.Spare and Workshop

A professional workshop makes a huge amount of profit daily and it is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree.

You have to start your own workshop center for two-wheelers or four-wheelers or become an employee in any good workshop to make a decent income.

I highly recommend you to start your own workshop center, if you have good enough experience in servicing and repairing.

Also, you have to make money from selling spare parts from your own shop.

3.Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Plumbing is considered as a good profession in the category of “highest paying jobs without a degree”.

A professional plumber can make a good profit, But he should expert in plumbing activities like modern equipment handling.

Plumbers in Kerala get an average of 500$ a month and other in other states or countries got it double.

4.Become a Contractor

We all know that a civil engineer can have to become a good contractor or related profession like drawing house plans,consultant…etc.

But the contractor jobs don’t have any college degrees, Its all depends on your work quality.

For example, You have done any contracting work for a modern house and the house looks awesome. Then people choose to find your service for contracting works.

An interior designing consultant is also the highest paying jobs without a degree.

Check an innovative interior designing business.

5.Casino Gaming Manager

Casino Gaming Manager

The vital role of a gaming manager is to check the experience of the casino customers. And it one of the highest paying jobs without any college degree.

Other duties of a gaming manager include schedule interviews, hire, and train the casino employees. And need to provide a neat explanation and rules for every casino games to the customers.


To become a Bartender requires no more qualification. Find at least 3 stars or 5-star bar for bartender job to make decent revenue.

Choose a night and dance bar for bartender job, because they will pay well for bartender compared to a 9 AM to 9 PM 3-star bar.

7.Become a Photographer


A good photographer should have their own ideas, techniques, experiments, and implementations.

To become a photographer is not depends upon any degree qualifications, its all depends upon your caliber and skills for photography.

If you are an expert in photography, Lots of opportunities are waiting for you to make money.

Normally we can say Photography is the highest paying jobs without a degree, But it depends on the skills you have in the photography field and the quality of images or videos you make.

You can also make money with Shutterstock contributor or from any freelance portals.

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Above mentioned jobs are highest paying jobs without a degree, If you want more money making ideas or business ideas check my category Make money and Business ideas.

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