Top 9 YouTube Channel With Most Subscribers -2019

We all know that YouTube has become one if the most popular social media and the second largest search engine in the world.

We are going to discuss the top 9 YouTube Channel With Most Subscribers. Now lots of people making make money with YouTube channel.

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Top 9 YouTube Channel With Most Subscribers in the World

Following are the lists of YouTube channels with maximum subscribers over the world, This data is updated in March 2019.

9. WWE

WWE one of the most popular YouTube channel for WWE original shows and exclusive videos.

No of subscribers : 39,965,251

No of videos: 39,818

Started On: May 10,2007

8. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter who lives in the United States. His YouTube channel”Justin Bieber” showcase his musical talent.

No of subscribers: 43,522,145

No.of Videos:254

Started On: Jan 15,2007

7. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is an English Singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor.

He makes lots of cool music and he has sold more than 45 million albums and 100 million singles.

No of subscribers: 37,313,161

No.of videos:123

Started On: Aug 8, 2006

6. HolaSoyGerman

German Alejandro Germendia , known by his YouTube channel HaSoyGerman.

This channel is one of the fastest growing YouTube Channel With Most Subscribers.

No of subscribers: 38,232,134

No of videos: 137

Started On: Sep 08, 2011

5. Dude Perfect

Dude perfect is an awesome YouTube channel if you like sports + comedy.

Dude perfect is ordinate from 5 best friends and a panda.

No of subscribers: 39,260,119

No of Videos :199

Started On: Mar 16, 2009

4. 5-Minute Crafts

This is another popular channel on YouTube.

This channel provides best and fun diy projects and crafts innovations.

This channel is one of the fastest growing YouTube Channel With Most Subscribers.

No of subscribers: 50,301,251

No of videos: 2,774

Started On: Nov 15,2016

3. Canal KondZilla

This is one of the top music channel. Specializing in music videos with an audience of more than 1 billion views per month.

The owner Canal is the largest producer of electronic music content in the periphery of Brazil.

No of Subscribers: 47,060,759

No of Videos: 979

Started On: Mar 21, 2012

2. T- Series

T-Series ia India’s largest music label and movie studio.

Music can change the world, T-series is best in my experience.

No of subscribers: 87,056,790

No of Videos: 13,154

Started On: Mar 13, 2006

10. PewDiePie

OMG PewDiePie…!

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, Known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish youtuber.

The channel PewDiePie is recorded as Topmost YouTube channel with most subscribers.

No. of subscribers: 87,181,997

No of videos: 3,758

Started on : April 29, 2010

Above mentioned are the top YouTube channels with most subscribers during the period of March 2019.

I will research new records and update as soon as possible.



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