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YouTube is the second largest search engine and they pay money well for video creators. In this article, I would like to share some successful youtube channel ideas without showing his/her face.

Many peoples make videos and earn money from youtube as a creator.

But some peoples are not interested to show his/her face on the screen. Which doesn’t mean you can’t make money from youtube. That’s not a problem, you can also make money from youtube.

My friends are also chosen good youtube channel ideas without showing face.

Tips for youtube creators who aren’t interested in showing face

  • Tip No.1:- Choose a niche topic

The most important factor is your niche topic if you aren’t interested in showing face. The success of your youtube channel depends upon the channel topic and what contents you have provided.

  • Tip No. 2:- Stay focus on the contents

Yes, Contents are the key elements for the youtube channel success, especially if you aren’t interested in showing your face.

Good quality and informative contents definitely get a huge hike. Create genuine video contents for your channel in order to get a huge spike of views.

  • Tip No.3:- Use attractive images and music

You can use attractive images, music, and graphics for your video if you aren’t interested in showing face. This creates viewers attraction for your videos.

  • Tip No. 4:- Use effective SEO

Effective use of SEO techniques definitely returns a good video view. Effective SEO techniques include proper title, description, tags, and usage of VidIQ tool for SEO …etc

  • Tip No.5: -Provide contact information in about section or video description sections

The final tip is to add your contact information like email id or mobile number especially if you aren’t interested in showing face. This will create trustworthiness for you and your videos.

Top Youtube channel ideas without showing face 2019

Following are the best niche YouTube channel ideas without showing face,

Following are the YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face with the use of Screen Recorder

1.Review of online job websites

One of the best Youtube channel ideas includes reviewing a website or apps with the use of a screencast or screen recorder.

Many peoples searching on youtube about how to make money online, You need to do is identify some of the genuine money making methods and create videos with screen recorder.

You can review any websites or apps which you are most interested.

Example: How to make money from the Shutterstock website as a contributor.

Check my favorite money making methods or business ideas.

2.Tutorials of programming languages

Peoples are interested to watch video tutorials. Provide good video tutorials about any programming languages like php,, python,java…etc

This youtube video idea is best for more subscribers and more engagement.

3. Top 10 channel

You can start a youtube channel for top 10 channel, top 5 channel or top 9 channel. You can create a screencast video for top 10 youtube channel in us or India, top social media websites, top food ordering apps ..etc

The main advantage of this type of method is to you get an unlimited number of easy content ideas.

4. Live Bitcoin trading videos

Create Bitcoin Trading Videos

Now the trending topics are Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, trading ..etc.

Peoples love to watch bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies live trading or trading videos.

Create screencast videos for trading techniques and signals, If you have knowledge about bitcoin trading.

5.Video gaming channel

Gaming youtube channel idea is a nice one, there is no need to show your face only you need to record your play and create videos.

Some of the gaming youtube channels get millions of views daily. And the competition is very high So you need to research good keywords for the gaming channel.

Search keywords with high search volume and low competition are considered as Excellent keyword.

6.Tutorials for creating website or blogs

Many new bloggers and programmers finding video tutorials for creating a blog or website.

You need to create and upload blog/website developing video tutorials part by part.

Only a small section should be included in a single video and create the next step in the next video and so on.

In this type of youtube channel, You can also create any programming or technology related videos.

Check 100 YouTube video ideas.

Following are the YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face without using the Screen Recorder

1. Top 10 places

TOP 10
Places Listing

This is a simple youtube channel idea, You need to do is select a country or city and choose the top 10 or top 5 tourist places in that area.

The main thing you should remember is adding only your own images and music, do not take any images from third party websites or from a google search it violates the Adsense terms and conditions.

2.Craft works

Another good Youtube channel idea without showing your face is to create different types of crafts.

You need to show your hands only, and no need to show your face ..ha ..ha.

Different types of craft works exist, you need to choose your interesting ideas and create awesome crafts.

Example like women’s loves to creating jewelry crafts and men likes creating electronic craft things.

3.Cooking videos

A lot of cooking videos already exists in the youtube. But if you provide good and spicy cooking videos with a good implementation of SEO techniques, then you definitely succeeded with your youtube channel.

4.Travel places videos

Another method is fantastic but you need to go and take videos from some beautiful or tourist destinations.

Peoples love traveling and watching traveling videos especially some beautiful destinations. The main advantage of this youtube channel idea is you don’t need to show your face, people’s love for watching beautiful places.

5.Animation video channel

Animation videos are great for youtube channel if you have the ability for creating animation videos.

You have to start an animation, graphics or photoshop tutorial channel or you can create and upload some cool animation videos.

6.Online Product review

Another niche method is to reviewing about cool online products. You can try unboxing type videos without showing your face or create videos with screen recorder and audios.

Above all methods are good niche youtube channel ideas without showing your face.

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The youtube channel success is not based on whether you showing your face or not. Its all depends on your niche, contents, and SEO. I hope the above-provided topics are very useful for your youtube channel.



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