YouTube partner program is being held for additional review-What Next

Do you get any mail like “Your application to the YouTube partner program is being held for additional review” for your youtube channel monetization?

Don’t worry about this mail, because your youtube channel doesn’t get disapproved.

Here I have to tell you some important tasks and tips to get approved by your youtube channel fast.

I have also get this additional review mail from youtube, and my youtube channel is approved within 12 days by doing these important steps,

How my youtube channel gets monetization within 12 days after additional review :

Tip 1: Upload Videos with consistency

To maintain consistency of video uploading, I recommend you to upload a video after every 2 days instead of uploading daily or weekly.

1 video/2 day is working for me so I recommend this method, You can also upload videos in daily but you should care about video quality.

Tip 2: Remove all Copyrighted contents

Check all your current videos with any copyrighted contents like images, music ..etc.

Remove the video which has any copyrighted materials.

Tip 3: Video quality

Video quality is very important for the approval process of youtube channel monetization.

The main reason for the additional review is insufficient videos and poor video quality.

You should upload unique and high-quality videos for your youtube channel especially is under additional review.

For example, If your channel is related to travel or places, then take an HD video from your nearest attractive places. (This is work for me 🙂 )

Tip 4: Use Youtube Music Library

Don’t use any copyrighted music for your video background. I recommend you to add some cool tunes from the youtube music library. (It is better to choose new music added in the music library which is labeled in new in red color).

Tips 5: Advertisement friendly videos:

Why does youtube need to approve your channel? Obviously, it’s your videos are advertisement friendly.

Use sense for making advertise friendly videos, No issues if your channel is related to Technology.

These are my 5 tips for getting Adsense approval of youtube channel fast if your YouTube partner program is being held for additional review

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