Innovative features of food ordering app to make extra money

Now one of the trending business is obviously with food ordering business app like Zomato,swiggy or uber eats. And it is one of the big profitable business ever. But most of them think about this business type is not profitable because of lacks of offers available and the needs of a large number of food delivery boys.

Food ordering business to make a big amount of money, if it is implemented properly. Three successful food ordering apps zomato, uber eats, and swiggy make good profits with their business.

Zomato, Uber eats and swiggy implemented their business apps in a great way with awesome cool features. In this article, I would like to share some innovative features that actually make money from food ordering business apps.

Please note some of the below features are not already used in any of the food ordering apps. I hope these features will helps you to get some innovative ideas if you like to start a food ordering business.


Lets we grasp the top 10 features that actually make money from food ordering business apps


  1. AdMob ads
  2. Option for additional tips for a delivery boy
  3. Delivery charges
  4. Add commissions for each order from restaurant owners.
  5. Premium options for business account
  6. Include vegetables shopping in your app
  7. Optional 10$ or 100 Rs vegetables for every cart page.
  8. Provide 50% offers for first orders
  9. Provide refer to app features.
  10. Search nearby chef.


1.Admob ads

AdMob is the best places to make money from mobile applications. Google AdMob gives ads in your apps and you get money based on the impressions and click generated in the ads.

Food ordering apps have very important and good features so make sure that added ads do not make any user-friendly issues.

I highly recommend you to add a few numbers of ads in your apps, if you use ads with AdMob.And ads should be compatible with or responsible for all devices.

Note: Ads on your apps makes money but its a negative impression from do carefully with ads implementations.


2.Option for additional tips for a delivery boy like Zomato Business App

Add tip is a tricky way to make extra money from food ordering apps like Zomato.

Zomato implemented add tips in payment page for every order.

The feature “Add tips” should be optional, Anyone interested to add a tip with his/her order, they add with this feature and the added amount will be calculated in the total payable amount.


3, Delivery charges

Another common way is delivery charges. Its an affordable price for the delivery of the food from the food suppliers.

Make sure that the feature is implemented properly. If an order is placed, the system should select the nearest delivery boy with a location tracking feature.


4.Premium options for business account

The most important and profitable feature is restaurant owners to create their business account and add their available foods.

Any restaurants have added absolutely FREE, but provide a premium option for restaurants to make it more visible. All the premium/promoted restaurants should be displayed on the top of the page or a featured section in the app.

In this way make extra money with promoted restaurants.


5. Add commissions for each order from restaurant owners.

Another way is to take a commission from restaurant owners for every order.

You can easy to make a good profit with this feature. But you should possible to ask little commission for every order. If you take a high commission rate, no one coming and start a business with your app.

You can make your business more profitable If you get a good number of orders like zomato,swiggy or uber eats.


6.Include vegetables shopping in your app

Think some innovative methods…! Is it good for sale vegetables with food ordering system? Obviously, it’s good.

Peoples brought food online because they don’t interested to waste their time for travel for buying foods or eat foods at restaurants. These types of peoples definitely interested in buying vegetables online.


So it is better to add a new category for shop vegetables and also provide an option for vegetable shop owners to become a contributor or partner same like features included for restaurant owners.

In this way, you can also make money with vegetable shopping.


7.Optional 10$ or 100 Rs vegetables for a shop in every cart page.

It is another way to include vegetables shopping in your food ordering apps. Popular apps like zomato provide an option like add tips in every payment page, it’s should be optional. Same way you have to add another section like add vegetables for rs 100 or $10 in the billing page in an optional feature.

I hope this feature is very useful for you and your customers.


8. Provide 50% offers for first orders

Provide 50% offers for the first one or two orders, it will increase the customer traffic in your apps and get more app installations. In this way, you can make good revenue with food ordering apps.

Note, According to the play store and app store, the users like the number of installations and rating of the app to trust the app and related business. So make sure that provided products and services have enough quality.


9. Provide refer to app features.

Provide an option in the app “refer a friend”.The main usage of this feature is (1) Got more app installations (2)Get more orders from the app.

“Refer app” feature is every entrepreneur used to make good traffic and sales with their businesses.

In this feature, you need to provide a discount for the person who is referred to. People happy to refer others

If you provide attractive offers or discounts.


10. Search nearby chef.

Provide an additional feature in-app, which is “add chef profiles”.Add chef options allows you to add a chef details to the app. These chef people are available for cooking foods at home.

For example, I need to for searching for a chef for cooking chicken biriyani in my home. This feature helps a  chef to make money and you need to provide a premium option for chef profile, which is displayed on the top of the screen, in this way you also make some extra profits with food ordering business.


So, guys lets try the best features to make your app/business more successful.



I have concluded that the best method of business success is obviously with innovative ideas.

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